G Sidhu Delete – New Punjabi Song Feat. Amar Sandhu


G Sidhu Music presents their latest Punjabi song ‘Delete’. The song features Punjabi singers G Sidhu and Amar Sandhu. The music is by UpsideDown. Lyrics are penned by G. Sidhu & Amar Sandhu. Review by DEX (Daily Entertainment Xpress).

This is different, hopefully, that was the aim. If you are expecting another Candlelight type song then ‘Delete’ is not that. G Sidhu loves to experiment but one thing that always remains the same is the quality of his vocal. Once again he impresses. The music for ‘Delete’ is by UpsideDown, and this song has his stamp all over it, the drops, the hits and the flow are all very evident on this. Amar Sandhu drops a few bars on the track and hopefully, we will hear something from him soon. If you want a typical G Sidhu song then ‘delete’ is not that. But, hey life would be boring if everything was the same.

Delete by G Sidhu is his second song of 2019, the first release this year ‘Pehli Tape’ featured UK producers Kaos Productions and it had a real summer flavour to it. The song was fresh and well written by the UK’s Dhami Amarjit. So seen as the sun is shining, we feel it only right we share it!

G Sidhu Delete song credits: Song: Delete Singer/Lyrics: G. Sidhu & Amar Sandhu Music: UpsideDown Video: Alex Reinhard / Malix Media Presentation: Pinder 22 Special Appearances: Fateh DOE & G. Money Online Promotion: Musik Therapy Female Lead: Tarn K. Minhas


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