G Sidhu, Kaos Productions & Dhami Amarjit Talk Pehli Tape


2019 seems to be all about collaborations and one that has come out of the blue see’s G Sidhu from the US teaming up with the UK’s Kaos Productions and lyricist Dhami Amarjit for the new Punjabi song ‘Pehli Tape’. So we thought it only right that we talk to all three of the parties involved to see how this all happened and what can we expect from ‘Pehli Tape’.

So G Sidhu, we heard a rumour that you and Dhami Amarjit hooked up via a whats app conversation?

LOL! Dhami Amarjit and myself got in touch after I posted a video of a song written by him 365 by Gurj Sidhu. We connected well and had good vibes.

Was it there and then that you guys decided to work on this track?

He showed few songs which were pretty good but it wasn’t what I had in mind. One day, he sent a whatsapp voice note and he was ‘22 thodi album da name Pehli Tape aa hana?’. Then he sent the intro and it just hit the spot instantly and I was like we definitely have to do this one. I always welcome songs from other writers if the vision connects.

So was Dhami then the link to Kaos?

Kaos Productions was a no brainer as we all have taken note of his work and he brings a very unique sound. What gave it the final stamp was when Dhami Amarjit felt that same way and he recommended him as well. It was amazing working with him such an easy going and real individual!

So Kaos Music, what was it like working with an North American artist?

Although G Sidhu is the first North American artist we have worked with, we had already been following his career and were impressed with his vocal skills, voice tone and his family friendly simplicity based approach to his music, staying away from popular trends whilst being experimental and adventurous with sounds.

The song had already been written by our friend, Amarjit Dhami before it landed in our studio. Much like other people would, we were expecting a Candlelight-style full on Bhangra track to be given to ourselves, but this was completely different and warranted a thoughtful, fresh and unique musical vibe.

So did G give you the track and let you guys run with it, or did he have his say on the final product?

To his credit, G allowed us to do our thing and just get on with providing the musical backdrop to suit the song.

For upcoming artists what would you say is the one thing producers stay loyal to when recording with other artists?

We feel producers should always look at the individual song and attempt to compliment it musically with whatever the song requires to bring the words to life. That takes a creative and flexible approach and will often lead you away from you signature sound, but will showcase versatility and uniqueness. This is not a Bhangra song but rather a sentimental summary of G Sidhu’s personal journey in the world of music to date, and we tried to treat it with that same care and respect.

So we have touched based with G Sidhu, Kaos Productions and now we chat to Dhami Amarjit about the pressure of writing songs and working with others

Working with the likes of G Sidhu does that then put pressure on you for your next song?
(A full interview with Dhami Amarjit will be featured on Daily Ent. Xpress on Saturday)

Working with G Sidhu is a blessing as he’s a brilliant singer, songwriter and all round artist. It’s crazy because G wrote every track on his album and also writes for other singers too eg. Mankirt Aulakh. Even so, he STILL wanted me to write for his album! I have been fortunate enough to work with a whole host of quality artists and I don’t feel any pressure; I just get my head down and focus on improving with each track that I write.

Good luck to all involved with ‘Pehli Tape’ the song has a real classy feel and the emotional journey the lyrics take you on is something many of us can relate to! 


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