GACHI Rangle Sardar Feat. Maninder Bitta – Latest Punjabi Song 2019


Gachi Rangle Sardar: Rangle Sardar are downright folk and grimy and we love it. A few months ago the Punjabi folk collective went viral after performing a cover of Diljit Dosanjh’s ‘Muchh’. The Punjab based group have now released their latest single called Gachi and features singer Maninder Bitta. If you are a fan of folk music and the more traditional elements of Punjabi music then this is right up your street.

Gachi is a real throwback folk style tune that gets you appreciating every single instrument and sound you hear. Rangle Sardar have over the last few months worked on various projects and always adhered to their hardcore love of Punjabi folk music. The collective of musicians are now gathering some momentum and seem to be breaking out to a wider audience without having to comprise their sound. We here at DEX (Daily Entertainment Xpress) love what these guys are doing, let’s hope you do also! Check out Gachi by Rangle Sardar here

Rangle Sardar is a collective of Punjabi folk musicians who promote Punjabi folk music. They use traditional instruments such as the Bhugchu, tumba, sarangi and dholak to promote social messages through their folk songs. These guys are as folk as you get. Not pigeonholing themselves to a certain genre is key to how they promote folk, a recent release of theirs see’s them teaming up with Kochi band When Chai met Toast, a four-member group that writes generally English songs with a smattering of Tamil and Hindi.

Songs Credits Lyrics – Sabar Singh Khokhar Composed By – Maninder Bitta Music- Sukh Sidhu ( Pb- 29 Wala) Video – Aman Sidhu Publicity Designs- Ravan Khosa Location- Mani Willows ( Bhagta Bhai) Editor- Gurinder Galwatti Special Thanks – Ajam Khan, Charna Online Review  – DEX (Daily Entertainment Xpress).


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