Gagan Kokri Talks Garry Sandhu’s Dick Pic


Garry Sandhu loves Snapchat, and he also loves flirting online with male and female fans, a couple months ago late at night Garry caused a stir when he dropped a dick pic on Snapchat for all to see, despite fans asking for him to remove the picture, it was not removed straight away, but was eventually taken down.

Both ourselves and our friends at Ghaint Punjab have both tried to get a response from Garry as to why it was posted, and even, was it his?!? Anyway each time we were met with a brick wall, but it has been discussed by artists, and now the team at Ghaint Punjab have asked friend of Garry Sandhu and fellow singer Gagan Kokri his views about the picture… Gagn Kokri states that he hopes it does not start trend, sorry Gagan but dick pics have been sliding into DM’s for years and we don’t see that stopping yet!

The reaction on Monica Gill’s face is priceless when she discovers that Garry Sandhu sent a dick pic!


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