Gangsters Chasing Tik Tok Fame – Arrested By Delhi Police


Tik Tok is all the rage in India and it seems that video app has ensured that Indians now live every moment of their lives on the app, but if you are a up and coming gangster maybe it is best you refrain from living your life on tik tok as it may land you behind bars as two wannabe gangsters found have just found out.

Shahzada’s and his friend Monu loved to use the app to show off their guns and their ‘gangsta swag’.

Shahzada is a member of Uttam Nagar-based Gauri Gang and used to post content on social media to lure youngsters into joining their gang.

Shahzada, who attended school till Class 10, is known to be fond of wearing good clothes and consuming expensive liquor and cigarettes.

Dwarka’s additional DCP RP Meena said that they were posting videos with illegal weapons on social media to become famous in the world of crime.

They used to brandish weapons, and in the videos, threw moves to the tunes of Honey Singh.

Accused were identified as Shahjada (24), a resident of Uttam Nagar, and Monu (23), a resident of Vikaspuri, well it seems there attempts to be Ti Tok famous have now back fired and they will be spending time behind bars



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