Garry Sandhu Interview – ‘Thank You To The Person Who Grassed Me Up To Immigration”


Garry Sandhu passed by the BBC Asian Network and dropped an insightful and heartfelt interview with Bobby Friction. During the interview, Garry talked about the going back to Punjab, re-modelling himself and starting again.

Garry started off the interview by thanking the person who grassed him up to UK immigration. The moved that saw him leave a peak UK scene and land in Punjab when the scene was just about to explode into what it is today.

Bobby Friction then talked to Garry about how he is taking over the scene in 2019, especially in the UK. Then Garry dropped the bomb that he is set to retire in a few years. The news had Bobby stumbling, Garry then went onto explain that he will then devote that time to bringing artists through that he has found and nurtured.


Mr Sandhu then talked about going through a period of depression when he returned to Punjab. It was down to his mother that he got through this. Garry spoke how his mother was his rock throughout his return to Punjab. Having turned himself around in Punjab, Garry spoke about still not being happy with life. The public mobbings, the lack of privacy and been unable to lead normal life have led Garry to become more reclusive. As Garry went on to say he only wanted to release a song to get a gori and get a passport. The price of fame hey!


Fresh Media Records is owned by Garry Sandhu and he spoke about how he wants to use that platform to grow his presence not just in the Punjabi scene but also in the western scene. Collaborations with major artists is what Garry wants, asked what Garry thought of AK47 by Sidhu Moose Wala, Mist and Steel Banglez Garry replied ‘They can do much better, lyrics wise and melody wise!’ – Stating that he is about fun dance music and not the whole gangsta vibe.

The Punjab based singer then went on to talk about Jasmine Sandlas and how they are now just friends. The Immigration status that now sees him free to travel the world and his future plans and more, check out the interview in full here via Bobby Friction and The BBC Asian Network:

Click Here To Hear The Garry Sandhu Interview In Full 



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