Garry Sandhu Reveals Jasmine Sandlas Break Up


UPDATED: Is it back on? The on off romance between two of the Punjabi music scenes leading artists, Jasmine Sandlas and Garry Sandhu seems to be on again as the video below highlights, now was it for show? Or are they back as one?

If they are back as one… do we get an illegal weapon 3???


Well it had to happen didn’t it, Garry Sandhu has opened up about his relationship with Jasmine Sandlas to BBC Asian network presenter Noreen Khan, and he didn’t hold back.

Garry Sandhu, 35, revealed that his relationship with Jasmin is as good as over, and that the pair have not communicated for over a month. The well publicized love affair seems to be over, and it seems there will be no getting back together as they have not spoke for over a month.

I’m sure a lot of men will be happy with the news lol. A trait of the man has been highlighted during the interview, his latest release “Love You Jatta” was actually wrote by him for Jasmine Sandlas but due to the fall out, he decided to release the song himself, before she could!!

Bitter not much!!


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