Garry Sandhu Ripped Me Off & Stole My Song


One man you can’t keep out of the headlines is Punjabi singer Garry Sandhu, and this week is no different. The high of his Bollywood song release ‘Hauli Hauli’ alongside Neha Kakkar has now been met with accusations of Garry being a cheat and fraudster by singer Arjun Pandit reports Ghaint Punjab.

Haryanvi singer Arjun Pandit has recently opened up about being cheated by Punjabi singer Garry Sandhu, the issue is around the hit song ‘Yeah Baby’ by Garry Sandhu and Arjun has claimed that song concept, melodies and video were his and that Fresh Media and Garry Sandhu stole his concept and vision.

Arjun Pandit has called Garry a cheat and stated that Garry has forged him by copying his video concept which was sent to Fresh Records as a label for release he stated all this in a call to Ghaint Punjab which is in the video below.

Check out the songs in question below – Do they look similar to you?


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