The Garry Sandhu UK Return- What Does It Mean For UK Bhangra


Garry Sandhu UK Return: News broke late in 2018 that Garry Sandhu was set to return to the UK. Confirmation of his return was cemented this week when E3UK confirmed his return to the UK shores. A press conference coupled with social media appearances has meant the return has gone as planned.

So, what does this mean for the UK Punjabi music scene? A scene that has been very stagnant over the last few years, with the exception of four or five artists. As the Punjabi music scene has grown globally the UK has seen the scene dogged with people yearning for yesteryear and failing to grasp what is going on around them. So will Garry Sandhu change that?

The Wedding Scene:

In 2012 when Garry left these shores he was ‘The’ biggest star in the UK and was making waves in Punjab and Canada, anything he put his name to, sold. So if you were 20 and below, that period of Garry’s peak is something you remember well. Also, Garry returning, that age group may well be getting married now, this is where Garry will clean up.

His fanbase of old will see Garry playing at their weddings as a coup. This will be Garry’s biggest financial winner. The wedding scene in the UK will laud him up, his charm, charisma and stage appeal will see him be one of the most wanted acts at weddings. So expect to see Garry rule the roost once again on the wedding scene.

New Material:

Garry Sandhu will team up with previous producers who he worked with when he broke through in the scene, So the likes of DJ Dips, Roach Killa and GV will be lined up to work with him, but that will not stop Garry working with producers away from these shores as they have grown him more in the last few years globally than the UK did when he come through on the scene. That is a fact!

Garry returning is great news for the those who worked with Garry previously from the UK, why? They have all had projects released since his departure but very little has made noise on a global stage. Garry is their passport to a global audience. This will upset a few, but the numbers, hype and live gigs globally (aside from wedding bookings) confirm this.

The UK has the smallest listenership when it comes to Punjabi music since 2014, whether that be in the number of streams, sales or views on videos. The UK number as a % is the lowest out of the major markets of India, Canada, Australia and themselves. Artists in-turn have suffered due to lack of interest in the scene as a whole. Though many have been stuck working with formulas that do not appeal to the masses. Garry Sandhu will not change not.

Garry will be a passport to new markets for many, but how they grow will not be up to Garry, that will be up to the artists themselves.

Social Media: 

Garry Sandhu loves it, and Punjabi artists all around the world have utilised it perfectly, interaction with fans, updates and more. UK artists will need to look at how Garry has worked social media and think, are we doing it right? The headlines may not always be good, but publicity is never a bad thing. UK artists will really need to step up their game in this department, asking for a share/rt or a like upon the time of release just does not cut it anymore.

New Producers:

Now, if Garry is brave enough, this is where he could really drive the UK markets presence. A whole new generation of producers are popping up in the scene yearning for that big break. If Garry wants to grow with a new generation as he has with a previous generation – then this is the way forward! A hook up with Desi Frenzy would show all these new DJ/producers if you aim high enough – you will one day smash the stars! Desi Frenzy v Garry Sandhu is ‘THE’ biggest UK collaboration at present, when talking new producers!!

So the riches of the wedding scene, revitalising former producers careers globally and pushing UK talent. Garry Sandhu, love him or hate him could just change the game in the UK.  Are people willing to adapt to the rules of the game!


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