Garry Sandhu Was Back In The UK! & He Has Not Changed One Bit – Ask Clare & The Girls


16th January 2012, Garry Sandhu left the UK with his head bowed & ushered onto a plane, the Punjabi singing sensation was returning home (Punjab) as a criminal.

Garry Sandhu had to man up, & he soon realized who his actual friends were.

Watch how many UK producers/ music industry people are now backtracking & deleting tweets, just so they can say “Garry we had your back” it’s a good job we have screenshots hey lads!

Garry Sandhu’s return albeit a fleeting one surely did cause a stir, he has now left these shores, with people wanting more of him, and hopefully, he will return soon to appease those fans who want to see more of him. 

Some things don’t change though & it seems it’s the same cheeky Garry that left these shores who is returning to the shores ask Clare! Now people the big news we have from the Garry Sandhu camp is that he will be returning to the UK to work with producers and tour, possibly with E3UK, nothing has been confirmed but we are told next summer it will happen!! Keep it locked people!



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