Geeta Zaildar Caught In Track Leaking Controversy! Did He? Didn’t He? You Decide


The Punjabi music industry has more leaks than the combined total of wash basins in the whole world it seems, and we all know that 90% of these leaks are something that artists do themselves, to try and generate publicity for a new song, or even just to test the water.

Well, Geeta Zaildar has now being caught up in this “leak controversy” now did he do it or not? Well we don’t now, but what we will do is let you the fan make up your own mind as to whether it was leaked or not.

One thing you have to give Geeta props for is, coming straight out to talk about the controversy, now watch the videos; Video one is via actress Shenaz Kaur Gill, and video 2 contains Geeta’s response and fans reactions (Please Note Bad Language Is In Effect Punjabi Style in Video 2)


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