Geetan Di Machine – DJ Harv & Karan Aujla


The man they call DJ Harv is back in mixtape mode and this time he is gunning for one of the hottest Punjabi artists on the scene – Karan Aujla!

This is the third installment of the DJ Harv Mixtape series,’Illegal Laddu’ (part 1) and ‘The Moosetape’ (Daily Ext Express Mixtape of the Year 2018). Both mix-tapes gained international recognition from the artists themselves as well as DJ’s and listeners.

DJ Harv talked about when he first met Karan Aujla and how he he has followed his music ever since:

‘I met Karan Aujla in January 2018 at Dilpreet Dhillon’s wedding and ended up spending a few weeks in the same hotel in Chandigarh. At that time Alcohol 2 was just releasing and there was a lot of hype with that. I was a massive fan of Yaarian Ch Fikk and 6 Bandeh, so it was great to link up and spend some time with him.

Since then I’ve seen Karan become a superstar and he’s reeling off some serious hits. His flow, lyrics and music are a different level, ‘Don’t Look’ and ‘No Need’ are my favourite jams this year. The Moosewala beef was either going to make him or break him and I think it made him, without him having to respond directly.

This was a tough mixtape to pull off purely due to the differing types of songs Karan has made. The keys and scales hugely varied between the songs and I think you can pick that up in some of our vocal tuning. In my initial mix (which was 20 odd mins long) I recognised the flow just wan’t there, I wanted to bin it at one stage! In the end I sat down with my engineer, determined to make it happen and as a result some songs didn’t make the cut.

What you can expect is that every track has its own identity in the mix which I really wanted to achieve.

I am really happy with the final product and I want to say a massive thank to Amen at NRG Studios for doing a great job on the mix and master.’


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