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Actor-singer Gippy Grewal, has talked openly about threats made to him from local gangster Dilpreet in June — that’s the same person who fired upon another Punjabi artist, Parmish Verma. Gippy has stated  that he was personally assured by Punjab Chief Minister Captain Amarinder Singh of his safety, in an interview with the 

Gippy states that the threat did not affect him and added that since the threat the police have made him feel more comfortable and secure.

(Extracts from the interview are below or read it in full here)

In June, an extortion call was made by Dilpreet to Gippy, and he was threatened that unless he met the gangster’s demand, he’d be shot, just like Parmish, who was shot and injured by the same mobster in April this year.

“The call was made to my office, and my team handled it after that. A complaint was lodged, and the guy has even been arrested. After that, Punjab’s chief minister called me to his office, and assured me that [Dilpreet] would be caught and nothing would happen to me. Since then, I’ve been surrounded by policemen and commandos, and they have made sure that there’s always security around me,” says Gippy.

Ever since that incident, his team changes his phone number frequently, reveals Gippy. “My team now gets me a new number after every 15 days. So no one knows what’s my next number after 15 days. Those who are on my team, and are my close friends and family, even they have adjusted to this, and understand why it’s important,” he says.

“Of course, you never imagine that these things [can]happen to you. But now that it has happened, I just look at it as the cons of fame. These things happen, and there can be another star who can get similar threat calls. But as I said, you don’t stop working because of such incidents, and I don’t have a different perspective about that,” he adds.


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