Gippy v Diljit? Are You Missing The Actual Battle


Gippy Grewal and Diljit Dosanjh are both huge Punjabi stars across the globe, they both have conquered the Punjabi music scene and silver screens. Subedar Joginder Singh (Starring Gippy Grewal) and Sajjan Singh Rangroot (Diljit Dosanjh) are now both set for release 14 days apart leading to many commentators raising the whole Gippy v Diljit debate, but are they leading you to  miss the actual issue?

April is Vasakhi, artists from around the globe will throw their names into the ring and release songs based on Sikhi and at the same time try and take some moral high ground for this religious Sikh occasion. Justifying it by saying that they have released a religious track, and yet before the month is out, they are back to feeding the public songs about swag, girls, daru, gangs and much much more.

We will not question the morality of the artists, the music industry is a business at the end of the day, and supply and demand is key.

At no point have people thrown the names of singers together at this time of the year and hyped them as 1 v another, so what is different with films?
Especially seen as the films are released 14 days apart, practically a lifetime it seems these days, maybe the bigger game at play may be to pitch Gippy v Diljit together in a battle, to mask the subject matter of the films, The Sikh contribution to wars and the proud history that is celebrated or taught enough to all!

Who are Subedar Joginder Singh and Sajjan Singh Rangroot? You may have an inkling now as to who they are due to the films, but these were not household names prior to the release of the films, they are not taught in schools, the Sikh fighters who fought in world wars are not mentioned enough in schools, in fact the contribution of a United India’s army of volunteers is not something you will learn about in schools.

So, if 2 artists decide to pick up the baton and deliver you films about such subjects, rather than being part of the hype machine to make it a Gippy v Diljit battle, why not use the films as tools to educate yourself and those around you as to the contribution of Sikhs during the war.

When Vasakhi arrives in 2019, ensure that the names of  Subedar Joginder Singh and Sajjan Singh Rangroot  are not a distant memory for you and those around you, because if that is the case Gippy and Diljit can hold their hands up and say we tried, but you just didn’t understand the battleground!



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