Glock By Mankirt Aulakh, Music By The Kidd – New Punjabi Song 2019


Seems like Mankirt Aulakh has found his smile again, it must be the fact he has left a rainy England. Glock is the first video release from Mankirt Aulakh after his mini UK tour. Back in the sunshine and with his Glock in tow, he does look a happier man. So how does the new song Glock sound?

Geet MP3 and GK digital have paired Mankirt Aulakh with one of the best producers this year The Kidd. The Punjabi song is one for fans of everything bling, macho and gangster. Lyrically the song is just one big Jatt and guns hype machine and it does lose us to be fair. For a man who was scared by a few drops of rain in England, to all of a sudden becoming Escobar is a bit much to take. If you are a fan of Mankirt Aulakh then this will tick a lot of boxes for you. If you are someone who prefers clever lyrics combined with articulated music delivery, well Glock by Mankirt Aulakh might not be for you.

Glock is the first song that Mankirt Aulkah has released with Geet MP3 and GK Digital.

This highlights a move away from some of the more established labels to this new platform.  Mankirt Aulakh loves hits and views and it seems as if you want that, then this platform is the way forward.  One of the new artists that Geet MP3 launched recently was Hairat Aulakh, check out his new song and video called Mere Sajjan here:

Song : Glock Singer : Mankirt Aulakh Lyrics : Sabi Bhinder Music : The Kidd Female Lead : Kamal Khangura Video Director : Rupan Bal & Rubal GTR Poster Design : The Town Media Produced By : Kv Dhillon Online Promotions : GK DIGITAL Music Label : Geet MP3 : Online Review By :Daily Entertainment Xpress (DEX).


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