Godman With Superpowers Told Gurpreet He Was Sitting On Buried Treasure


English Dictionary: Gullible – easily deceived or tricked, and too willing to believe everything that other people say! Well, it seems that Gurpreet Singh falls into the gullible category.

Gurpreet Singh from Phoolewala village in Punjab was promised he would find ‘buried gold’  by a Chandigarh godman. The victim, Gurpreet Singh, a farmer, told the police that Balak Nath, who was residing at Baba Sunder Nath’s dera at Lakhewali village in April last year, promised him to find gold buried under his land by claiming to be blessed with supernatural powers.

His supernatural powers included seeing into the future and the ability to sense missing fortunes by reading people palms. But, in order to trigger this superpower, Gurpreet Singh had to give the godman Rs 20 lakh and 300-grams of gold.

“I collected the gold and money from my relatives and gave it to the self-styled godman. He put the gold and money into seven utensils and covered them, kept praying for four months. However, one day he fled by saying that someone has died in his family and never came back. Later, we learnt that he also cheated some other persons as well,” alleged Gurpreet.

The police have registered a case under section 420 of the IPC, but the accused is yet to be arrested. — TNS


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