God’s Will, Is It Written For Angat Kalsi


Angat Kalsi he is not a household name, but he is someone who has intrigued us for a few months now, why? He is young, he can sing and composes his own music, Angat Kalsi has a lot of things going for him, and if you are still not impressed, he also plays the piano and guitar. You sold on him yet? His latest release “God’s Will” is something that is very personal to him, and the track itself is a refreshing change from some of the shop floor/repetitive music we are being feed daily, so we thought we would catch up with Angat and get him to talk about the track and introduce himself to a wider audience.

Introduce yourself and your love for music.
I write, sing and compose and also play the acoustic guitar. I aspire to perform live in front of large crowds!

What makes you standout
I believe it’s my love for music and the effort I am prepared to put in to deliver.
Every project I have released since last year have been through ‘making the best use of what resources I currently have’. With help from good friends and family,

Is it vital having support from family when doing music?
For me yes, I am blessed in a sense that I come from a musical family; having my uncle (Vic Kalsi) who has mentored me from the age of 14.

The new song “God’s Will” is about the loss of your grandfather, and the video features some great and personal footage of him, how big an influence was he for you and your music
Not only in music, but my grandfather was a big influence in my life and encouraged me in every path I had taken. One year on from his death, through music was the only way I knew to pay a heartfelt tribute to honour a great man like him.

Who’s idea was the video?
I have managed to create my own visuals for my own music. This has helped grow my confidence, knowledge and experience of the art.

What’s next?
I have a project called ‘Queen of Dreams’ due to release this summer. Written, sung and composed by myself, I believe it’s one of my best projects to date and really excited for my audience to hear.

We are all for supporting new and unique talents, and Angat falls into that category, a determination to pursue a musical journey with his own vision is impressive, and better than just jumping on current bandwagon’s. Going down this route may make the journey longer, but will aslo ensure longevity and peace of mind that he has created music that is his and his alone.

Check out the track “God’s Will” here.


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