Granthi Caught On CCTV Stealing From The Golak


A granthi from Punjab has been arrested after he was caught on CCTV taking money from the golak at the Gurdwara where he was based. Hari Singh was captured twice on the newly installed CCTV taking money from the golak. It was only after the second offence the police were involved.

The offence took place at Gurdwara Kutia Sahib in the village of Butar Kalan. The committee became suspicious after money from the golak took a sharp decline. It is estimated that Hari Singh stole up to 40,000 rupees from the Gurdwara.

After concerns about why the donations from the pind were so low, the committee decided to place CCTV cameras into the Gurdwara in an attempt to understand what was happening. What they did not expect was such a brazen theft as they uncovered.

Granthi Hari Singh has now been charged with theft by the police and the Gurdwara and Pind are trying to work out how best to teach Hari Singh a lesson, according to the video below!


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