Groom Breaks Child’s Leg As Cake Cutting Goes Wrong!


Groom Breaks Child’s Leg: So it is not just apne who are having issues during this wedding season! A video has emerged from Georgia on twitter the last few days which highlights that anger issues are the same the world over.

It is alleged that the Groom had an issue with the photographer at the wedding. The bride and the photographer must have crossed eyes during the day and this got to the groom. He not only ruins the cake cutting ceremony but then hurls a bottle of champagne across the room. The bottle bounces on the floor, hitting a child and allegedly breaking his leg. The look on the brides face, what a great way to start your lives together hey!

Groom Breaks Child’s Leg video here:

Check out the news pages more news on this year’s wedding season incidents. A bloody start to the season does not seem to be slowing down as more and more case occur almost daily.  Read more by hitting this link.


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