Groom Performs ‘Nagin Dance’, Bride Calls Off Wedding


Imagine the scenes! It is your big day and the love of your life will make you feel special! Or, as in this case, he will go on the lash and dance like a snake. Not just that, the groom then attacked his wife to be for talking ill of his dancing technique! Leaving the Bride with no option but to call off the wedding!

The bizarre incident occurred Lakhimpur, Uttar Pradesh. The bride called off her wedding after the apparently drunk groom broke into a ‘Nagin dance’. According to reports, the groom started misbehaving with the bride’s family when he was asked to get off the dance floor.

The bride had been observing the groom’s behaviour from the start and after a point decided to call off the wedding. Following this, the groom reportedly slapped her and cops were called.

The bride’s brother said that the groom was inebriated and did not care about anybody during the ceremony. The pre-wedding ceremonies were complete and whatever had happened was just not acceptable.

He further added that the family was hurt by the groom’s misbehaviour and decided to call off the marriage despite community pressure. SI Singh, a police official told the media that both sides have decided mutually to resolve the issue and on the advice of senior community members the groom’s side has given in writing that they would be returning all the gifts by November 14 and bear all expenses. The family has refused to file an official complaint.

We wonder if it was anything like these scenes!!


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