Groves, Jnr and Naz – Saturday Nights As They Should Be


Nothing brings people out like a good domestic tare up, & Groves v Eubank Jnr on Saturday night did exactly that, pubs were busy & boxing experts were everywhere from sitting on sofas in Torquay to sitting in the stands of the Manchester Arena.

Let’s get one thing right, this was not a “great”fight, good yes, great no. George Groves fought his fight, he used the ring to his advantage & made it his own from the first bell , a better boxing brain, a corner that contained nous & know how, marry all that with a game-plan carried out by groves that was generated 3.5 years ago by Billy Joe Saunders, there was only ever going to be one winner on the night.

For a tare up you need two skilled technicians to square up & use artistry & ring know how as they look to better each other, Eubank Jnr failed to bring anything to the ring on Saturday night, his footwork was poor, he had no plan b, & was forced to look reckless, very amateurish as he swung away at fresh air. Having no trainer in the corner was like little johnny going for his driving test without having lessons but thinking he would pass because his dad had watched him drive like Lewis Hamilton on the play station.Team Eubank welcome to reality, again.

Groves fought “his” fight & fully deserved his place in the WBSS final, Groves fought with experience & the determination of a champion who has done things the hard way & refuses to give anything up easy. Groves has his future mapped, the final, if it is Callum Smith then surely a rematch if the final is a good fight, Groves has a plan, and is showing fight by fight that he is not just a domestic fighter.

We billed this fight last week as being similar to Nigel Benn v Michael Watson, Eubank Jnr now needs to look at that fight & grasp how Benn handled that defeat, Eubank Snr will not like people telling him that his son needs to follow the patch of his greatest foe, but like every Dad, you need cut the strings sometime, & if it’s not now, it may just be too late as he will watch Saturday night repeated each time the big stage beckons for his son!

We leave you with the star of the show on Saturday, ITV we need more of this combo on TV! The Naz and Duke Show


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