Gubi Sandhu Goes Viral – Understanding That Niche


UK based Punjabi singer Gubi Sandhu has not had a release for going on 15 years, yet over the last 3 weeks, he has amassed sales and views of his songs that new artists crave. Gubi Sandhu himself has been shocked at the reaction to him and his music after a performance at a wedding went viral!

The singer Gubi Sandhu like many artists would sometimes question the numbers/streams and views that the scene was flaunting. Until recently when a video of him performing took over a small part of the internet.

Small yes, but the numbers were impressive. Whether it be niche or underground, the Punjabi scene loves music and when something bangs it doesn’t have to have to appeal across the board but to only a small minority of our huge global community. As Gubi Sandhu’s recent success has shown!

The original post by Sharif has over 600k views, this has led to Gubi getting more bookings in 2019! The power of social media…

220k views were from other social media platforms that shared the video. That is almost 1 million views, and yet nothing on facebook or TikTok. One thing this points out is, nothing is a niche anymore. These videos have not even made it to all Punjabi music fans in the UK never mind globally. Yet the views and sales generated prove the actual size of the scene.

Gubi Sandhu Goes Viral

The song Sajna ve Sajna from the viral tweet saw the song shot to number 1 in the world charts – that’s the sales-based chart. In addition to that, the song went into the mainstream top 150 for two days! Remember that is the mainstream charts not the iTunes charts which only measures sales on that particular platform. The mainstream charts take into account, videos, views, and streams from across all platforms! NOT BAD FOR A SONG THAT IS ALMOST TWO DECADES OLD

We say it regular, the appeal of the Punjabi music scene is huge. Social media is the biggest driving factor behind it. People may turn their noses up to some views on Youtube, but the platform is huge and as Sajna Ve Sajna has shown, you just don’t know what may bang next!

Gubi Sandhu World chart

The video below over the last few weeks has now also topped over 1 million views! Artists may doubt figures at times and Gubi may well have been one of those guys who did – But now that he is in the eye of the storm he can fully appreciate the size and reach of the Punjabi music scene today.




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