Gundeep Anand Founder Of “I Made This” Named In ‘Top 50 Movers List’


What is the ‘Top 50 Movers List’? The list aims to recognise 50 individuals whose volunteering, charity work or dedication to sport and exercise inspires local communities to move more. Gundeep Anand doing UK Punjabi’s proud.

The list, compiled by Lucozade Sport and judged by sports experts and stars including heavyweight boxer Anthony Joshua and England Lioness footballer Nikita Parris, highlights the amateur sportspeople who are helping get the UK more active. Check out the list in full atThe Independent

They include a 27-year-old instructor who combines yoga with paddleboarding; a 35-year-old reformed gang member who organises community BMX rides; a 75 year-old IronGran triathlete who set up fitness classes for OAPs; the inventor of walking football, which now has 40,000 players in the UK alone; and the founder of RockFit, a fitness class set to rock music and using air guitar moves to keep fit.

At number 19 in the list is Gundeep Anand:
Gundeep Anand is the mind behind The Last Stand, a street football tournament created to unite communities and break down social, cultural and religious barriers through sport. It has inspired similar events to start all over the world. ā€œIā€™m forever grateful to football and think that the sport, in general, is magical. It provides an opportunity for people to bond and unite under a shared cultural identity.ā€


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