Guramarit Singh Pleads Guilty To Sexual Assault Of Sleeping Woman


Guramarit Singh has been placed on the sex offenders register after pleading guilty sexual assault. The assault took place whilst the woman slept in her flat. The woman awoke to find Guramarit Singh sexually assaulting her at her home address and told him to “f*** off”.

The Glasgow court was told that Singh was a married man of 15-years and committed the assault while his wife was pregnant. Singh, 36, pleaded guilty to the assault

The court heard how the woman and Singh had arranged to meet at her flat in Glasgow’s east end on January 22 last year. The woman had met Singh around six years previously.

They had become friends on Facebook but had not seen each other for years when Singh messaged her on the social media app. The pair arranged for Singh to visit her home address and the pair went into the bedroom to watch TV.

The court heard how they both “consumed vodka” before Singh “made sexual advances towards the complainer which were rebutted”. To avoid Singh’s advances, the woman went into the living room where she fell asleep fully clothed.

The prosecutor described how the woman awoke to find Singh sexually assaulting her and her pyjama bottoms pulled down. She pushed Singh off and shouted “f*** off!”

“She observed a tampon she was wearing was lying on the floor next to her”.

When she got up and made her way to the bathroom Singh asked: “have I done something wrong”.

After contacting a male friend to explain what had happened, Singh was messaged on Facebook by the man telling him to leave. Due to his failure to leave the property the male friend arrived and found Singh “asleep in the bed under the duvet cover”.

He was told to collect his belongings and leave which he did.

The matter was reported to police after the woman confided in another male friend and Singh was subsequently arrested following investigations. In reply to being cautioned and charged Singh said: “But that never happened”.

Singh’s defence agent Eddie Robertson said: “He is aware of the serious nature of this case.”

He also pleaded guilty to a charge of failing to appear before Glasgow Sheriff Court on November 6 last year. The court heard how he had moved address with his wife of 15-years.

Sheriff Andrew Cubie described the assault as “invasive and degrading” stating it was committed “at a time your wife was pregnant”. He deferred sentencing for social work reports to be prepared and placed Singh on the sex offenders register. His bail was revoked and he will be remanded in custody until sentencing next month.

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