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Gurdarshan grew up ‘Gary’ (we all have nicknames right) in a small Northern BC town called Williams Lake and although he tried many different sports he was never referred to as an athlete. He had a vision to be the underdog to inspire other underdogs to strive for the top spots, represent what they believed in any sport including certain sports that many fear to even watch at times, with a strong mindset and undying will to succeed, those dreams got a bit closer yesterday.

Talking via Instagram Gary released an emotional statement, that many of us can relate to, It was about being brave enough to follow our dreams and in addition becoming someone who pushes our communities and peers.

The post confirmed that Gary has now stepped up to join the ‘One Championship’ stable, which will hopefully see him grow more as an individual and encourage others to take up the sport. RESPECT

This moment isn’t just for me but everyone who has stood by me . Still feels like yesterday that I called my parents with the news that I was done becoming an Accountant and had found a new passion. I had no prior experience in anything, really had no idea what I was getting myself into, but if i learnt anything from my ancestors, is that we are born with a Warrior heart for whatever we pursue. Its been a long journey, but we about to come and shake up this organization with an army of 2 billion Indians behind me.Let my life be a testament to my brothers and sisters that a common man, common upbringing , taught to live a common life can change the direction of their journey to become something great if they choose to dream, then work it into existence. You don’t have to be raised a certain way to achieve greatness. I’ve always said that your vision must be strong enough to get you thru many days, months, years of struggle, failure, pain, heartbreak to keep going. Honestly, I am at a point if it wasn’t for the vision, i would have moved on long time ago . I am not that 22 year old kid when I first started, many things have changed but seeing everything from our youth killing each other, dying from addiction and overdoses, suicides, to the misdirection of the environment that surrounds them, id be failing myself and the ones I have been telling for almost 10 years now that I want to inspire change , leave an example of my life of beating the odds. There are many tough days ahead for me ,preparing for these wars that you will witness, but know I do it with all of you in my heart ….To all my people ….From the small town kid with big city dreams…Apna Time Aagaya


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