Gurdas Maan Accused Of Insulting Punjabi Maa Boli Again?!


It was in September that Gurdas Maan landed himself in controversy over an Interview in Canada. The issue was with his Ek Desh Ek Boli speech. Now during another live event, Gurdas Maan has upset Punjabi sentiments once again with another speech about the Punjabi language.

Check out the new video here:

Original Story and timeline of events:

Another day and another artist getting embroiled in controversy. This time the artist involved is the one and only Gurdas Maan. It was during a radio interview (Red FM) in Canada that some people took offence to what was suggested by the legendary Punjabi singer.

Updated: Video as Gurdas Maan responds to a protester at his Canada gig last night, video via our friends @ Ghaint Punjab.

What the protestors had to say outside the venue after the above incident:

Protests outside the Gurdas Maan Concert:

Original Story:

During the interview, Gurdas Maan was talking about languages and how India should mirror countries in Europe who have one national language, that language being Hindi. At no point did Gurdas Maan be little the Punjabi language but he just stated that for India to grow they country needed one language that transcended all. Many people will say that India already has that language and it is called ‘English’.

The comments have prompted people to say they will demonstrate outside a concert in Canada today being held by Gurdas Maan. People are suggesting that he has spoken out against the Punjabi language and its worth after years of using it as a train for his popularity.

The interview is provided below and the debate surrounds around the comments made from 1 minute 20 seconds in.

The subject of one language across India has been in the news this week in India due to a tweet that caused controversy all across India.

A Twitter user who goes by the name @sruthijith used the Malayalam word ‘Kutti’ to describe the woman in a picture.

For the record, ‘Kutti’ in Malayalam means ‘girl’. But since the word has a different meaning in multiple languages (Kutti in Tamil means ‘small’ and in Punjabi means ‘bitch’), some people took offence to his commentary and slammed him for his unintentional, harmless language gaffe.

The thread spiralled out of control and made it to the news and local debate shows where people called for a national debate on the subject.


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