Gurj Sidhu & Byg Byrd Talk “Black On Black”


Gurj Sidhu is stepping it up, not content with hitting us with a steady stream of releases featuring some of the most sought after producers on the scene, he has now taken it international and teamed up with Byg Byrd to take this shiz to the next level!

We hooked up with the guys whilst they were together in Canada and got the low down on the new track “Black on Black”

How the hell did this happen!

Gurj: Byg Byrd got in touch with me January 2017, he sent me a beat, but it was a hectic time for me, I was getting ready for the album release, the beat he sent me at the time was something that I thought was too happy for my style, I told Byrd that due to the album release we should hook up at a later time as I loved what he was doing and how he was doing it.

Byrd: Gurj is a great artist, his unique style was something that impressed me and I wanted to work with him.

Gurj: We both then got busy with releases, we stayed in contact but never really got time to touch base musically, then I got given the lyrics to Black on Black and I just knew from that day, this was the track for me and Byrd; I think people are going to feel this track!

Did Gurj help out with anything musically other than the vocals?

Byrd: Gurj is knowledgeable with playing folk Punjabi instruments. He played the Sarangi piecework on this track which worked really well with the overall song.

Gurj: It’s been great working with Byrd as we are both on the same wave length when it comes to music, I listen to a lot of old school hip hop, and I love the new trap vibes and with this song I guess it’s the first time I’ve done something that’s a lot different to my other releases, a lot more western so I’m excited.

Styles fusing together then

Byrd: I felt the fusion between Gurj’s folk style and my urban trap style of music production was a perfect combo/balance. I am excited for people to here this.

What do both of you wish to get from this release!

Gurj: To be honest we just made a track, what it achieves is down to the public, it’s my first ever release via an India label (Humble Music) so it’s interesting to actually see the difference. I feel the song is straight up the India vibe, it is what they are in to now, so hopefully if all goes to plan they will enjoy it just like my past releases.

Byrd: This will be my first international song and first time working with an UK Artist. I feel like, after me and Sunny Malton did ‘So High’ & ‘ISSA JATT’ with Sidhu Moose Wala we became a triple threat. Now moving forward with this project, everyone has delivered their “A” game and hopefully we become the next triple threat.

Oh shit, is Sunny Malton on the track too

Byrd: Sunny Malton, I feel is the best Rapper in the game right now. He definitely delivered on this track. Gurj Sidhu killed the vocals, and Sunny smashed it to

How do you think the live crowds will take to this track?

Gurj: Performing live is the best buzz on the planet for me and crowds I perform to love my vibe, I guess I’m fortunate to be able to go and perform live. I try and sound like the tape and sing on the same keys which is a difficult task it’s a blessing to showcase my music to the world.

Byrd: Overall it’s a catchy song. Musically, I tried to do something different this time and add a slight Arabic sounding vibe. This song will definitely work live and in clubs for DJ’s, and the visuals bang, the video was done by ‘T Dot Films’ (Toronto Based) who did an amazing job. S/O to Rahul Chahal, Jaskamal Saini and Sagar Kanda.

Before we go, Gurj how was Australia?

Performing in Australia was crazy, one of the best club gigs I have done, awesome audience, despite the flight delays and having no rest, the 45 min set became a  90 mins set, you know when that happens it’s a mad show ! Can’t wait to go back!

Once again boys thanks for taking time  to chat with us, it’s been a pleasure chatting to two real music heads, and hopefully this collaboration is not a one off!


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