Gurj Sidhu Talks Adha Pind and his New Single ‘Baby’


A busy January for UK artists looks set to get busier with Gurj Sidhu now ready to release his latest Punjabi song ‘Baby’ via Ripple Music Studio. If ‘Baby’ grabs the attention of the international market as ‘Adha Pind’ did, then expect to see Gurj Sidhu all over social media in the coming few weeks.

We touched base with Gurj Sidhu to reflect on ‘Adha Pind’ and also to ask him why release ‘Baby’ now?

Daily Ent. Xpress: Adha Pind blew up, did that take you by surprise? & in reality can ‘Baby’ match the success of that song?

‘Adha Pind’ just snowballed, as soon as I released the hook line from the song, my Insta page blew up with fan videos coming in straight away, I did not have to push the track at all, it just took on a life of it’s own. Fellow artists then picked up the baton and ran with it, Sidhu Moosewala, Kaur B, Anmol Gaggan Maan to name just a few were loving it, that was not something I expected, respect to all those artists who supported the song.

I had no plans to release anything in January, but ‘Baby’ was something I had been working on for almost two years, and it had that ‘Adha Pind’ feel, so this is for those fans who supported that song.

India, Canada and Australia all liked that vibe, so before I released more new stuff In February, I had to give my supporters something back and ‘Baby’ is that.

‘Baby’ is me, I produced the music on the track (mixed and mastered by Manni Sandhu) and I was also the video producer (directed by TDOT), so this is me.
I hope the fans like it.
My previous track was slow to pick up momentum in the UK, as I feel this might be too, but as Daily Ent. Xpress keep saying ‘Its a global market’ and I see that, my next few releases will again be different from ‘Baby’ as I’m working with Manny Sandhu and Kaos who add their own unique magic to those songs, but for me this song is about giving my supporters something back, so enjoy and trust me, I’m not stopping this year! Global Baby!


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