Gurj Sidhu – Useless Singer, Spaz & Fat Pr**k – According To Who?


We only mentioned last week that Gurj Sidhu was on the site more often than anyone, and low and behold he is back, but this time it is to highlight a very bitter and disturbing situation.  This also highlights how morally bankrupt some people are towards each other, even though they are a part of the same scene.

So, it was Thursday night, and we were alerted to a something very strange that was occurring on a YouTube page. The channel: Moviebox and the Video: Dil Yaaran De

The song has had a huge amount of success around the world, with PTC having it on repeat for 4 weeks, now that may well have been the root cause for the hate, but is it directed at Gurj or Kaos?

So check out the comments below which are a screen shot of the comments that have appeared on the Gurj Sidhu video “Dil Yaaran De”.

Strange thing is that these comments materialized near enough at the same time, so they were prepaired off line, then posted when complete, as that is how fake comments are purchased and distributed. What makes this even worse is the fact that all the comments that appeared are from “NON DESI” people, and that really does give the game away.

Again below, check out the names in screenshot 2!

Now, it could well be that Gurj has upset a lot of non desi’s with his singing, and they then formed an alliance offline and then targeted a song that had already been a hit, that is about as likely as us slating a Gurlej Akhtar track, but rather then chase shadows we went to Gurj to see if he could shed any light on the matter!

Gurj: Geeza, I was told about these a few hours ago, I couldn’t understand what was going on, especially from goreh, they picked up some good Punjabi words from somewhere, but seriously, this is a piss take, someone has gone out of their way, to buy comments, fill them in, and then post them on my video!!! I wish I had that much time on my hands, the levels that some people go to is, well not scary, but worrying.  I mean, who does this lol! Luckily I know a few people who are quite geeky when it comes to computers and stuff, so I let them know. Look, what I can say is that the transaction to buy the comments was from the UK. Yes, the UK, the grammar highlights that too, but now that I have some details of the payment, I may take it further to see who did this and why. Maybe, I will out them once I find out? Or a face to face may be called for.

It certainly is a weird case, the reason “Dil Yaaran De” was chosen and not Gurj’s recent release (Harley) was the fact that he controls that page that it is on. Meaning, he would then be able to find and trace the comments easier, as he would have all the access required to do so. So whoever did this, chose the video because it was something he does not control.

We will keep people updated as to what is happening with this, but below are more comments from the video page, that get a bit too personal, we certainly are in the midst of some childish twisted people!


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