Gurlez Akhtar Interview: Gurlez Talks Afsana Khan, Mirza & More!


Gurlez Akhtar Interview: The standout lady from the Punjabi scene in 2019 has been without a doubt Gurlez Akhtar. She has featured on both of this years top two duets alongside R Nait. As well as featuring on a whole host of projects with all the leading Punjabi artists. The new girl on the block Afsana Khan had a few choice words to say about Gurlez in an interview recently, today Gurlez responded.

Our friends at Desi Tadka managed to get hold of Gurlez Akhtar and Kulwinder Kally for an interview. In the video below, Gurlez talks about her background, her struggle and Afsanan Khans comments.

Afsana Khan has featured on the Sidhu Moose Wala song Dhakka, when the song was released some people suggested it was Gurlez who sang the song. Afsana ranted at Gurlez for not clarifying that she was not the singer, Afsana claimed that Gurlez wishes she had featured on the song. The interview also touches on the Mirza song which caused a stir in Canada.

The interview highlights why Gurlez Akhtar is so highly thought of in the Industry. Her humble attitude, her outlook is much needed in today’s scene.

Gurlez Akhtar Interview

Mirza Video controversy: 

Gurlez Akhtar has released over 200 songs in 2019 alone. She was also the only female to feature on the Diljit Dosanjh album R.O.A.R, which is quite a coup. It is good to hear from Gurlez Akhtar, a humble artist who morally and ethically is very different from many others. This interview is a breath of fresh air from one of the standout Punjabi artists on the scene today.

One of our personal favourites of 2019 by Gurlez Akhtar was the duet with Harf Cheema. The song was called Jattwaad and was released by Geet Mp3. Check out the song here in full


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