Gurnam Bhullar Issues Apology – Was It Needed?


A few days ago a short clip from one of Gurnam Bhullar’s live shows went viral. In the video,  a fan came up on the stage, offered his gift to the singer-actor and asked to take a picture. The request was refused, as Gurnam Bhullar was halfway through a live set.

Gurnam showed acknowledgement for the gift and then asked for the person to be taken backstage.  The Punjabi singer was highly criticised for his behaviour, and thereafter Gurnam Bhullar shared a lot of social media messages to clear out things that he is being framed incorrectly.

Should he really have to apologise? Everything has a time and a place, and seeing gifts given to singers during his live set is possibly not the time or place.

However, now Gurnam Bhullar has taken to his social media handle to say sorry for his behaviour and said he didn’t mean to be rude, he acted that way only to ensure that the show goes on. People in the crowd just wanted to hear the singer perform. The stream of people coming onto the stage was relentless, so maybe the promotors need to look at themselves and save such things for after the live sets.

Gurnam Bhullar in the recently shared video said that he is sorry if he has crossed a line. He added that when a fan comes on the stage in the middle of the show, the audience gets disturbed. He only asked the person to go back to avoid any chaos. Check out his video here:

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