Guru Randhawa Tere Te ft. Ikka, Music Vee


The Indian pop music sensation ‘Guru Randhawa’ is back with his latest song ‘Tere Te’ the music is once again provided by Vee, and the rapper is Ikka. Will this single see T-Series overtaking Pewdiepie for YouTube’s most subscribed? That is the bigger game at hand.

Guru Randhawa has had a big 2018, he has been on the road non stop and he has won lots of new fans, whether you are a new fan or an old fan, does this single do it for you? Compared to his previous releases the song sounds lacking in Guru’s lyrical content. That does not mean to say it wont work, this will still be big, but as big as his others?

Check out Guru Randhawa new song ‘Tere Te’ feat. Ikkka here via T-Series;


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