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Guzaare InaiksBeats Sudesh Kumari: 2019 saw the debut of quite a few new UK based Punjabi producers. InaiksBeats was one of those producers. Guzaare feat. Sudesh Kumari is InaiksBeats third single in just under 12 months. Does this show progression through?

InaiksBeats, we do not know the man personally, but he does seem to like a good female singer. This is his third single and two have featured female vocalists. That in itself is quite daring, as the usual route is to grab a high-end singer and throw money at him.

So bravo Mr InaiksBeats for being brave enough to stick to what you like and showing innovation in your production.

Guzaare feats the vocals of Punjabi singer Sudesh Kumari, so vocally the song is strong. Sudesh has a very strong desi vocal and she can prove to be overbearing at times. It’s refreshing to see that on this chilled out track, she is less attacking and simply sounding as good as ever.

InaiksBeats has his own style and delivery, a chilled out vibe with plenty happening to keep a person interested. Sudesh Kumari is the biggest name that InaikBeats has released and he certainly put his own mark on her vocal. The song has a summer vibe to it and as the year goes we hope this gets more airtime. Great progression from a new UK producer… Hope for more soon.

Check out Guzaare by InaiksBeats & Sudesh Kumari here:

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