GV – Bringing Smiles Not Guns


GV? Remember him? The world does not stand still for anyone, and GV has been off the scene for what seems like years, but he is back with a Dishum?? Dishum??

The spoof promo released by GV on Sunday night, certainly had people laughing and smiling, and this is something GV wanted to do.

GV –  Our Punjabi music scene can be very uptight and rigid at times, music should be fun and I want to release music that makes me feel happy, lets bring the fun back. I express myself through music, I love what I do, and I want to share it with people again.

All this is a prelude to his new “concept album” with an announcement expected soon regarding release dates.

GV – Between February & May of this year, I recorded a concept album (written & produced by myself). I’ve also been busy shooting all the visuals for the album. It’s not a bhangra album, it’s something very different from me. Been a long time coming but I’m ready! See you next month!

This is now 6 years old!!!!!


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