Gym 2 – Sippy Gill & Deep Jandu, Also Sippy Gill v Veet Baljit Beef Explained


Sippy Gill’s Gym 1, was deemed popular enough to give you the listening public a part 2, and this is just as macho as part 1, but does it have the same appeal?

Deep Jandu, is back on production, and delivers another tight track musically. If you are watching the video, the plastic acting at the start is quite a piece of art, and does deter from the video as a whole.

The track will struggle to gather momentum like the first track, why? Because it sounds like everything else that is out at the moment, nothing about it really stands out.

Now, lyrically the track is not the strongest and it really does feel as if Sippy needs Veet Baljit back, but the boys have a beef and the Veet is not one who will forgive easily it seems, and this diss track really does highlight some of the lyrics that Sippy is missing.

Check out the latest Punjabi song Gym 2 by Sippy Gill and Deep Jandu here via Saga Music


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