Hanji Say Hello To Wolverhampton’s New Singh’sbury Store!


Singhs’bury Wolverhampton: If you are driving to or from New Cross Hospital in Wolverhampton, then you may just spot a new store that has opened. The store is located on Bushbury Road (just off Cannock Road) and is owned by Mr Mandeep Singh Chatha. So Bushbury Road and Mr Singh, that explains the name Singh’sbury Local!

The new store certainly has been popular on social media with Whats App groups and other platforms all sharing images of the new store. Dominic Robertson from the Express and Star caught up with the new owners to get the low down on the new cheekily titles store.

I decided on the name. My name is Singh and it is on Bushbury Road!”

He explained he put the two together and registered the name at Companies House. Since opening in December Mandeep explained that the recognisable logo had proved a talking point for visitors, with plenty, including local police officers, amused by the branding and even taking a picture in front of the sign.

Whether Sainsbury’s themselves are as amused is yet to be seen.

This is not the first time such a store has popped up – Who remembers Jel Singh Nagra? 

Morrisons has given its backing to the owner of a corner shop who changed its name from Singhsbury’s to Morrisinghs. Shopkeeper forced to change ‘Singhsbury’s’ name chooses Morrisinghs Sainsbury’s threatened to sue owner Jel Singh Nagra unless he took down the original sign outside his shop in West Allotment, North Tyneside.

He took down the sign but said locals still called it Singhsbury’s because the name had stuck. Now, after a major re-fit, customers told him it was time for a new name so the 42-year-old came up with Morrisinghs. And the supermarket giant has welcomed the tribute to their name, with a Morrisons spokesman saying:

‘Mr Nagra and his customers obviously have good taste so we wish him well.’ The shop used to be called Singhbury’s but Mr Nagra was forced to change it or face legal action by Sainsbury’s (Picture: North News) His customers also love the new name, calling it ‘brilliant’.

Regular customer Sarah Shields wrote on Facebook: ‘This guy is great! The sign makes me laugh every time I go past. Nice bloke too.’  While Andrea Smith wrote: ‘It’s brilliant and a great talking point for the village.’ Mr Nagra said: ‘It’s just meant as banter. I know about 90% of our customers are local. There’s little passing trade. ‘I wanted to put West Allotment on the map.’ Speaking about Morrisons backing the name change, Mr Nagra said: ‘We are not in competition with them.’

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