Harbhajan Maan – The Interview, Talking Tours and Kangan


Harbhajan Mann is in the UK and about to embark on his tour across various cities, in all the hub bub around the tour it may have been lost on many that his new single Kangan is out tomorrow, check out his thoughts on the new single and all things Punjabi music here.

Tell us about your new single.
It took me around two-and-a-half years to create Kangan. The song has been produced by T-Series. I collaborated with legendary lyricist Babu Singh Maan and composer Jatinder Shah. We were jamming together and creating some tunes. Everyone fell in love with the beat and melody that we created. I am sure that my fans will appreciate the track’s unique sound and lyrics. Furthermore, this is the first Punjabi song to be shot in Athens and Santorini. People will enjoy the video.

You’ve spent three decades in the industry as a musician. What changes have you noticed in the industry?
Unfortunately, today, musicians pay more attention to the production of the song than on the melody and lyrics. This has, in turn, diminished the emotional appeal that Punjabi music had.

Do you feel electronic music has taken the place of Punjabi music?
There’s no harm in experimenting and accepting new trends with time, as long as the soul is retained.

While independent music in India has recently gained popularity, you’ve been releasing solo albums for years. What’s been your motivation?
The notion that independent music is less popular is not true. There has always been high demand for good content. If you create music with passion, it will always find listeners. For example, my album, Satrangi Peengh 3, which released in September last year, was a full-length album. It bagged a spot on several charts internationally, on iTunes and on other streaming outlets. It was the no 1 album on iTunes India for over a week.

Tell us about your ongoing world tour.
Tin Rang — The World Tour is a solo tour that began in Dublin, Ireland, and will take me to countries with the Punjabi diaspora. It is exciting for me to be performing at places like the Wembley Arena and the Birmingham Arena in England. The tour will take me to every continent, with concerts being held in Canada, USA and Australia. I will also travel to exciting places like Finland and South Africa.

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