Hard Kaur – #Poison – India’s Most Provocative Music Video?


We have a soft spot for Hard Kaur, she is a woman who has faced many barriers in her life and tackled them head on. She has made mistakes and very public ones, but she has never shied away from the public and dealt with everything in an open and concise manner.

Now, Hard Kaur loves to push boundaries, and this her latest music video #Poison has many people up in arms about the content of the video, will that bother Hard Kaur – nahhhhhh. The video is racy, and sexually provocative but it is relevant to the words of the song, and is it any worse than what we see from Bollywood these days? Our message to Hard Kaur! YOU GO GIRL

Hard Kaur ”As you know, it (#Poison) is a part of my upcoming album, here I am talking about freedom… a liberation that we all deserve as human beings. For me, freedom means not to be afraid. My art is my freedom,”


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