Hard Kaur Talks Kashmir 2 Khalistan – Hip Hop Is More Than Just Commercial Songs


Hard Kaur Kashmir Khalistan: 2019 has been a year that has seen Hard Kaur get vilified, her personality attacked and as a result become public hate figure number 1 in India. All this because she went against the grain and told the truth about things that were being played out around her.

None of the above has stopped Hard Kaur. The rapper has now released her new song titled ‘Kashmir2Khalistan’. The song is once again Hard Kaur expressing herself through word and music, as hip hop artists do. A concept lost on much of India who is used to a more commercial pop form of Hip Hop.

Hard Kaur talks Kashmir 2 Khalistan:

“That’s how it should be. As artists, we shouldn’t be pressured into making club bangers and commercial songs all the time. A real artist needs to be respected for his freedom of expression. When that’s taken away or overtaken with business and money it puts very difficult choices in front of an artist,” Hard Kaur said.
“It’s hip-hop. It was invented to speak against the wrongs in society, to raise voice for the innocent and it being such a powerful technique of words and delivery it’s has brought big changes in the world,” she added.
The ‘Char baj gaye’ rapper said that hip-hop has “proven again and again that it’s not just music. It’s a whole different way of existing”.
The new track, Hard Kaur says is a song for the times  “we are living in”. “It’s my way of raising awareness as an artist through my music as. Being a Sikh, it’s my duty to stand up against oppression and protect humanity especially when it’s my land, my people, my country,” she further added.


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