Hardeep Singh Kohli Fails To Turn Up To Court For The Second Time


Hardeep Singh Kohli, he loves a headline or two but sometimes they are not exactly what you would deem as ‘good press’, and this weeks second no show in court has once again seen Hardeep Singh Kohli in the headlines for the wrong reasons.

The Scottish comedian pleaded guilty at Glasgow Sheriff Court to driving without a valid licence earlier this year. Kohli had been due to learn his fate in March, but was unwell.

He should have then been in the dock today (May 15).

But, his lawyer Garvey McArdle said: “He has not attended and I cannot explain why.

“I have changed my phone and I don’t know how to save things – I’m old.

“I don’t have his number in my phone.”

Despite the no-show, Sheriff Ian Fleming did not ask for a warrant for Kohli to be arrested.

He instead adjourned sentencing again until next week. Kohli admitted driving in Glasgow’s West Nile Street on April 10 last year despite his licence having been revoked.

A previous hearing was told Kohli had experienced tingling in his foot and went to the doctor to find out what was wrong. The DVLA was contacted about his problem before the licence was cancelled. Sheriff Fleming told Mr McArdle: “I will not put out a warrant but we will need to get the letter.”


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