Harpi Gill Lethal Jatti – A Story So Many Singers Can Relate Too


We hear it so often. We want it more desi, we want it more traditional. The Harpi Gill journey is a perfect example of what people want and what they support are two totally different things. Lethal Jatti by Harpi Gill & Mista Baaz is very different from the original Harpi Gill sound.

When Harpi Gill hit the scene a few years ago the traditional Punjabi artist had a full-on desi style. Her duets worked, her solo songs got good traction. Yet, she was failing to make that ‘big impact’. Those fans of traditional music wanted her to remain traditional, yet were not supporting her songs. This reflects what is happening with so many other artists. People ask for a certain style then fail to support that style.

A move to movies for Harpi Gill proved very successful for the singer. New doors were opening but her traditional style which was once so popular was being compromised. What was she to do? Every singer/ artist needs to get paid. So her newfound public space via Punjabi movies led to more producers wanting to work with the singer, but with a new sound. Her elder fans may not have liked the change, but the change was vital for her to survive in the scene.

So fast forward to todays release Lethal Jatti by Harpi Gill. Many people will be hearing her for the first time and will think, what is this? Without understanding the story of what has happened before. So whether this is a song for you or not, do not neglect the journey that Harpi Gill has been on to get to this release.

Check out the new Punjabi song Lethal Jatti by Harpi Gill & Mista Baaz here:

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