Harpreet Kaur & Balti House Owner Speak Out After Being Attacked


A decade or so ago after few drinks on the weekend, the sketch used to be that people would then pile into an Indian restaurant and gauge themselves on the spicy delight offerings, along with that came the drunks and rowdy behavior, well it seems those dark days are not behind us.

Syed Shah, owner and chef at Jivan’s, Broad Street, was punched in the face and kicked on the ground by three men after they refused to pay £31.85.

The men, who entered the Broad Street restaurant just after 12am on Bank Holiday Monday, tried to leave without paying before being pursued by Mr Shah.

The 50-year-old asked Harpreet Kaur, a waitress at the restaurant, to call the police as he headed off after them before violence flared.

Watch here as Syed and Harpreet talk about the night and the response from the police.


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