Hatton Talks Tyson Fury


Tyson Fury has been active on twitter this weekend, he tweeted a video to Shannon Briggs and Antonio Tarver, asking them to stay in training as contracts will be sent, yet they will not be his comeback fight.

Ricky Hatton, who left boxing for a similar period of time before losing on his return in 2012 having also had to lose a significant amount of weight and battled against depression, believes Fury may face an uphill challenge to get back in the ring.

“The one thing that worries me is in the two or three years he’s had out, has he already done too much damage? If he’d fought Anthony Joshua maybe six, seven months after Klitschko, he’d have beaten him,” Hatton said.

“Can he claw back the damage he’s done with putting on the weight, and whatever’s happened in his life, can he get that back? I don’t know.

“It’s very hard when you’ve been doing it for all of them years, and think: ‘Here we go again’. It’s sometimes very hard to get motivated.

“I lost weight in the gym, in sparring I felt brand new, and then the minute the bell went on fight night, I went: ‘This ain’t here no more’.

“Tyson’s still relatively young in heavyweight terms, so hopefully it won’t be for Tyson what it was for me. But sometimes you don’t know whether it’s gone until you get in there.



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