Have YouTube Have Just Delivered A KO In It’s Battle With Apple Music & Spotify ?


Google will launch the YouTube Music streaming service next week which will bring all your music listening delights to one platform along with YouTube Premium service for original video content
Since it’s inception in 2005, YouTube has hosted millions of videos each year. That has accumulated to millions of videos over the past decade. More are adding to that every day.

(Editor Note: Impact On Desi Market –  All these companies offering fake views and supported views, well looks like unless you get people subscribing to Youtube with monthly paid subscriptions, then the first 1or 2 months that the songs are on “exclusive play” may well have just fcuked up your game )

Some of the most popular videos on YouTube have been music videos. Music videos have created a big buzz around the world. Some have collected more than a billion views each like Poker Face and Despacito.

With passing years, YouTube has offered its users with options to make playlists of their favorite videos. They have also made use of viewing history to offer music that they would like to listen. There have been no offers for music exclusively. That is all about to change.

YouTube announced that they will be launching YouTube Music. It is a music streaming service which is being offered as a mobile app as well as a desktop player.

The service is dedicated to music. Everything that can be thought of with music is going to be available on YouTube music. From official music videos to artist portfolios, to live performances, to covers sung by artists around the world. It is bringing everything in a cohesive yet comprehensive platform in YouTube Music.

Once signed up, the users can customize their own music, make their own playlists and YouTube Music will make music recommendations based on the browsing history, where they are and what they’re doing. YouTube Music will offer more music to discover every day.

The streaming service will be available to its users for free with ad-hosting. For ad-free service, you can sign up for YouTube Music for $9.99 per month and YouTube Premium for original video content for $11.99 per month. This will give them an ad-free, unlimited streaming.


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