Having Removed All ‘Paid’ Views YouTube Launches Official India Charts


It was only last week that Youtube confirmed it was removing all ‘Paid’ views from its official charts. Now, only days after that announcement Youtube has added India to the countries who have an official YouTube chart. The chart makes very interesting reading! No longer can people say ‘oh it’s big in this country or that that’ YouTube played a blinder!

Now that all the ‘Paid’ views have been removed by Youtube it highlights how widespread the practice was in India. Thankfully these charts will now highlight actual views, these will differ from the labels pages, but there are no more hiding places for those who cut cakes celebrating fake milestones!

Check out the new YouTube India chart by clicking this link!

Jass Manak’s Lehanga is the highest-charting Punjabi song

YouTube’s Music Charts track artists, songs, music videos, and what’s trending. The video company in May brought localized rankings to 44 countries worldwide. Top songs, artists, and music videos are updated weekly on Monday at 12.30 IST. The songs and artists categories are calculated by combining all official versions, including “the official music video, official song used in user-generated content and lyric videos.”

The Trending chart is updated multiple times a day based on the total of ‘organic views’. According to Google, it is “YouTube’s first dedicated external signal highlighting videos which were instantly popular upon release.”

The Punjabi Song’s that have been In The Charts longest are Nikle Currant by Jassie Gill & Neha Kakkar alongside Mere Wala Sardar by Jugraj Sandu, 49 weeks each!




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