Heavyweight Boxing Is Back – Whyte v Browne – The Build Up


Dillian Whyte v Lucas Browne
o2 Arena
Sky Sports
24th March 2018


Dillian Whyte shot to public attention when he fought Anthony Joshua, a fight which saw him test AJ fully but fall short due to AJ’s strength and ability to mix it with Whyte late on. Whyte had AJ at points in the fight, that is something that must still rankle with him when he plays the fight back to himself. Whyte v Chisora followed,  a fight that had everyone hooked, from the fall out on Sky’s “The Gloves are Off” to the actual fight which delivered everything and more that you expect from a heavyweight bout. Now it’s Lucas Browne who steps up to fight, in this a World title elimination bout that has boxing pundits split.

Dillian Whyte

Whyte is by no means a text-book fighter, his movement is not the best, his jab could be better and he does seem slow at times, all that said he remains a threat to all the top 10 fighters in the heavyweight division, why?
His a big man, he will get you in close, lean on you, pull you and grapple with you inside, this is his way and you know what? It works, it takes fighters outside of their comfort zones, Whyte wants a close up war, and this is where he excels, he has the ability to take some great shots as he has proved against Chisora and AJ, Whyte needs this to become a war, and that is when he will feel he has Browne.

Lucas Browne

To non boxing fans, Lucas Browne is not a name that jumps straight out at you; he has been more active on social media than actually in the ring, only 2 fights since 2015. His most notable victory was away in Russia, a 10th round stoppage of Ruslan Chagaev, in what was a fantastic away performance, so do not expect him to be phased by the o2 on Saturday.
The Chagev performance highlighted what is good about Browne, his footwork is impressive for somebody of his size and he fights well from behind the jab. The jab will be vital for Browne, as he will need to try to keep Whyte at a distance, he will not want to get involved in a brawl. The biggest question mark over Browne will be his ability to go long; ring rust may come into play as 2 fights since 2015 is not the best preparation for the fight.



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