Hiding The Grooms Shoes Leads To Wedding Cancellation


The tradition is as strong here in the west as it is in India. ‘Joota Chori’ is when the brides family hide the grooms shoes during the ceremony. All good fun? Well, it caused a marriage cancellation in Uttar Pradesh’s Muzaffarnagar district on Saturday. You have got to love India’s wedding season stories!

On Saturday, a groom was kicked out of his own wedding and the ‘baraat’ was sent back after the groom abused some women from the bride’s side for ‘Joota Chori’.  The situation escalated when, as per the ‘joota chori’ custom, women from the bride’s side demanded money in return for the shoes. Nothing wrong with that, right?

However, the custom, which is often marked by light-hearted banter, angered 22-year-old groom Vivek Kumar, who resorted to abusing the women. The family members of the bride tried to pacify the groom but instead, he even got angrier. Further, he hurled expletives at the bride’s family and even slapped one person.

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The argument got more heated by the minute and voices were raised. News of this ruckus reached the bride, who then called off the wedding. The entire baraat was sent back, but the groom, his father and two relatives were held captive by the bride’s family. The bride made the groom’s family agree to pay back the Rs 10 lakh that he had received as dowry.

Meanwhile, the police were called and a compromise was reached with either of both parties refusing to file a formal complaint. Bharatiya Kisan Union (BKU) chief Naresh Tikait, who was among the village elders that tried to intervene in the matter, said that the bride refused to marry the groom despite persuasions.


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