High Court Rejects Warner Music Court Injunction – Spotify Could Be Live In India In 24 Hours


Firstly you may read this and think, why do we care what happens with Spotify and India. The launch of Spotify In India is a game changer, India now has upwards of 150 million user of digital music users, and if Spotify was to grab even 10% of that market, streaming charts globally would change!

Now, people in In India listen to more music per week digitally than any other country, and cheap data plans means this will only increase, a recent report by Deloitte confirms the numbers we are talking about. So when Spotify goes live,and if the free packages on offer are taken up by new subscribers then the charts globally could see a massive change, very much akin to the way Latin music has embraced streaming and is now a regular in global charts! That is why we are making a big deal out of it, Punjabi music is the fastest growing genre in India, and if they embrace Spotify, don’t be surprised to start seeing more Punjabi song’s in charts globally!

Spotify To Launch In India Court Rejects Time Warner Injunction:

Spotify could launch in India over the next 24 hours, after the Bombay High Court denied Warner/Chappell’s request for an injunction earlier today (February 26).

The music publisher wanted to block Spotify’s attempt to clear performance rights for its music via an Indian statutory licence which is more commonly used by TV and radio broadcasters.

A Spotify spokesperson: “We’re pleased with today’s outcome. It ensures songwriters, artists, labels and publishers will benefit from the financial opportunity of the Indian market and that consumers will enjoy an excellent Spotify experience. As we’ve said all along, we’re hopeful for a negotiated solution with Warner based on market rates.”

They added that their statement was “based on the court’s decision today to deny Warner/Chappell’s request for an injunction”.

Even if Spotify does manage to successfully clear performance rights through the statutory license in India, a big question mark remains over the mechanical rights to Warner/Chappell’s repertoire, which covers more than a million copyrights.

Industry sources tell us that Spotify, which is very keen to get its launch in India underway, may press the green button on its service’s public arrival in the territory over the next few hours.


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