High End? Let’s Talk Billions And Bally Richlist!


Beating Jay Z’s Bar Bill, It Can Only Be Bally Richlist 

Yesterday it was bar bills, and today has been all about Diljit Dosanjh’s high end life. That was until, we spoke to the billionaire visionary and pioneer of everything high end, actually, he took high end to new levels.

 Ladies and gentlemen fighting out of the Rich corner we give you

The Undisputed King of Everything RichBALLY RICHLIST!

“Lets’, take a walk” is what they say, when one is about to share a story of riches, Bally and his wife are about to guide us through the Richlist

But why walk when you can fly? So much better when you are all about the private jet life!

Jet lag, what’s the cure? Not sure if anyone knows, but Bally certainly has tried to eradicate it, in his own individual Richlist way!

A plane and the odd flash car you may think, lets not stop there, a drive around Monaco or Dubai can only be enjoyed if you have a BallyMobile, even Batman watches on with envy, well that is the rumour, Bally wouldn’t share Batman’s digits with us!

But what he did do was, show us the Bally Richlist cars we could use, for our next Bhangra video

 Anything else we laugh, not sure some of the big lads from our squad would fit into those, not a problem for Bally, why did we even think it would be!

So we flew, drove, not being awkward but what about the sea?! Bally “Water, I’m floating on that too.”

Make yourself at home onboard the Rich waters provided by Bally!

Thirsty, the Thirsty Life is only dealt with via the best of the best thirst killers.

Really Bally, my thirst is next level though! Bally is not playing!

Damn, That High End life what could be better!

You can take a Desi out the desh, but the family work ethic and cha will never leave you!

Bally has that lifestyle, he also has a work ethic to make it happen, keep it locked for more from Bally Richlist on Daily Ent. Xpress!

Interested in joining Bally on his Richlist, check out his exclusive parties and more via his website, and his YouTube Channel for the latest video’s 


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