High End or Low End? Diljit In Birmingham


It was a warm May night in the metropolis of Birmingham, and as we queued to get into the Birmingham Arena, the excitement inside of me was building, but at the same time I was slightly anxious, excited to see someone who had guided me through my early teens years until now with his succession of Punjabi music hits, nervous that an element of the show would be missing, that element being the UK live band. I have been to numerous events where the overseas band has really left me feeling cheated; I really did not want this to be the case tonight.

The Birmingham Arena  was a total sell out, as I scanned the room, I could see very few if any seats that were empty, as the night went on, I did stop checking as I had began to immerse myself in the live experience that was unfolding in-front of my eyes.

The one thing that become very evident as soon as Diljit walked on was, the sheer presence of the stage and the lighting show that was accompanying it, it was like I was back at the MTV Europe awards, yes I was that impressed, from the digital screens to the to the lasers this was very grand, even for the NIA, which has hosted many of the world top acts.

Diljit owned the stage as soon as he walked on, the crowd were at fever pitch, and Diljit immersed himself in the experience as much as the crowd. Now, one thing that was totally different to the last live shows was, and this worked really well in my opinion, the show was centred all around Diljit, he was the star, he owned that stage, the band though visible and they did interact with Diljit, were very much a side show to Diljit. This was Diljit live, and boy how he made us feel a part of his world.

The crowd were encouraged to dance, sing along, and become a part of the whole experience, Diljit was raising the bar at each turn, the stage was on fire and to be honest, I had bought into his presence that much that any pre-conceived issues I had about the band were now firmly kicked into touch, along with my trainers! I raised my arms to “Kharku”  swayed to an amazing live version of “Do you know” I got comfortable with the ride for “Raat Di Gedi” and felt on top of the world as I blurted out the words to “High End” hopefully not ruining anyone’s’ night who stood next to me during my rendition of said track.

Having practically grown up on a consistent string of hits from Diljit Dosanjh, I have to say that the way in which he has changed as an artist has been great to watch and I was intrigued to see how he would mould this into one major event, he did not just cement himself as my favourite artist at present, but he also left me smiling that my early teen years had not been wasted on some fly by night act. One thing other artists could learn from Diljit, how to grow with your audience, all the best acts do it, they never stop still and always evolve with the world and fan base. Bravo Diljit, bravo.

Tickets for the live shows in London and Leeds are available, and if you love seeing great artists perform, then do not bemoan a missed opportunity if you decide not to go grab those tickets.
Review For Daily Ent. Xpress by: Varinder Kaur


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